for the Alpha Chi Consultant

Ever catch yourself thinking …

“When my house is paid off, THEN I’ll be happy”,
“When my children have grown up, THEN I’ll be happy”,
“When I’ve retired, THEN I’ll be happy”?

The question is: Why do we put everything else before our happiness?
Especially when happiness is all ANY of us want, deep down.

We believe that happiness is life’s great barometer, and the easiest judgment you can make for yourself.

… If something makes you happy? Then it must be the right path for you.

… If something makes you unhappy? Then you’re probably heading in the wrong direction.

That’s really the entire premise behind our Alpha Chi Consultant training program:

We want to fill you with happiness, so that you can radiate light into the lives of others.

We want to open you up to the universal language of love, so that you can create a deeper harmony between yourself and everyone around you.

Introducing …


irka schmuck

For as long as I can remember, people have come to me their stories and problems. I have always been a good listener, but when I heard about the Alpha Chi Consultant training and the access to the divine natural laws, which includes being able to find solutions for problems I immediately knew that I wanted to take part. In retrospective, I can see how much clarity I gained through this course. It opened extremely valuable possibilities to understand myself, my own path; to take the next steps and to guide others on their path. I am filled with joy and gratitude for what I have learnt during the training.
Irka Schmuck | Spiritual Teacher and copywriter

During a business trip to Bern, I met up for dinner with Piin, one of my former classmates from high school. While we enjoyed delicious steaks, fries and red wine, she started talking about the ACC training which she had taken part in. I myself had recently decided to further my spiritual skills beyond what I could teach myself from books, so I was intrigued by what she had to say.

When she was sharing her experiences about the 8th chakra, I instantly knew “I had to do it”. There were no questions; I just knew that this was the right thing for me. Piin told me that the Path into Light was the stepping stone for the ACC course, so I booked in for the Path into Light seminar the next day after this dinner.

The Path into Light took place a few weeks after my conversation with Piin. On the 6th day of the course, I got excited because I knew that I could now do the ACC course. I checked the next course dates and booked in – knowing that the next teacher will be the right teacher for me. When I received the invoice from MaRa, I chose to not pay in instalments but to transfer the whole sum. This would save me some bank charges. Even though the course fee was – and still is – quite high, I knew this was the right thing for me to do, so I didn’t hesitate or question my decision to take part. When I got home from the bank that day, I had received a refund from tax office which covered almost the complete amount that I had to pay for the ACC course. This was a confirmation for me that had made the right decision!

In retrospective, I can say that the ACC training and the salt healer training were the shining highlights of all trainings and seminars I had taken part in. You probably know that feeling to enjoy all sorts of workshops and seminars, but then there are some which just stand out; they make you feel “at home”. The ACC training was one of them for me.
Saluman Hunziker | Spiritual Entrepreneur & Feng Shui Expert

saluman hunziker