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Do you want to specialise in Feng Shui?

The Nine Masterschools of Feng Shui

All of us deserve our own temple. 

Our own sacred space.

A space that vibrates with the planet, not against it.

A space that supports us and attracts higher energies (THINK: love, peace, and happiness)—and resists those energies that would eat away at us, leaving us feeling depleted, diminished, and undermined.

A space SO charged with positivity that we feel as though we never want to leave.  

And yet . . . energy lingers.

A house charged with divorce will negatively influence its new inhabitants.
And a workspace that witnessed bankruptcy will suffocate its new owners with old money woes.

This lingering energy affects our environment: it shapes our moods, and it influences EVERY decision we make.

If we don’t step forward and transform this energy using the power of Feng Shui, it will continue to afflict those around us—intensifying conflict and depriving people of their ability to live life to its fullest.

The Nine Master Schools of Feng Shui

An immersion in modern-day Feng Shui for Alpha Chi Consultants who are ready to start consciously creating sacred spaces.

This is your chance to delve deeper into the principles behind the new Feng Shui.

: Learn how to SHIFT the energy in a room so that it enhances the inhabitants’ experience of life.

: Discover how to READ + INTERPRET the stories behind different energies in specific spaces—transforming them to create a sense of balance and harmony, so that the environment works with individuals, and not against them.

This is Feng Shui for business and for life.

Feng Shui for business

The new Feng Shui is perfect for changemakers, spiritual business artists, holistic entrepreneurs, and thought leaders who want to lift the energy in a room and simultaneously heighten their creativity, make faster decisions, and feel more aligned with the work that they’re doing on the planet.

Businesses who want to get back to their roots and enjoy more flow between each division, each team member, and each client so that they can achieve their grand, overarching goals with ease.

This course will teach you how to clear any negative energy to grant business owners more focus and more authentic self-expression, while optimizing their overall performance and revenue flow.

Symptoms to watch for:

: Inefficiency.
: A lack of focus.
: A dearth of ideas.
: Failure & discouragement.
: Difficulty in overcoming old influences (prior leaders or owners or stories or beliefs).

Feng Shui for the home

This new Feng Shui is also ideal for families, individuals and homeowners, as well as those who are moving into a new home, building a house, or moving in with a romantic partner for the first time.

A home should feel like a sanctuary. A safe place to recharge.

It’s the #1 ingredient in our experience of life—and determines the life situations we find ourselves in.

This course will teach you how to shift the energy in a home to create room for change, and permit a sense of optimism, possibility and fulfilment to permeate.

Symptoms to watch for:

: A chronic lack of sleep.
: Discomfort—or a sense of “not belonging”. 

: An inability to relax. 

: A lack of motivation. 

: Family discord.


The Chakras

Just as we have chakras in our bodies, so there are chakras in every room (each containing the 5 elements).

If one of these chakras is blocked, problems ensue.

: If a house’s heart chakra is disturbed, relationships can’t thrive in that home.

: If the root chakra is blocked, money problems will ensue.

: And if the throat chakra is blocked, communication can’t happen as it should.

This course will teach you how to realign each chakra to eliminate the challenges in an environment, so that you can return a space to harmony and a sense of balance.

When this balance is returned, then nature can once again begin to regulate herself.  

The Planets

The Universe and the Earth are in constant communication with one another.

This means that the position of the planets can influence a place—either supporting or disturbing the energy therein.

This course will teach you how to find the best way to bring this energy back into harmony with the vibrational flow between Heaven and Earth in order to best optimize time and space in any given location.

Cosmic Rays

Cosmic rays influence more than space and time: They impact entire civilizations.

Our society, our evolution and our development as a species are all affected by cosmic rays.

This course will teach you how to decode these rays and identify what kind of effect they’re having on a space so that you can recommend a specific course of action to the business or home owner.

The 3 Rays of Shakti

The divinely feminine Shakti, agent of all change, has three rays which hit the Earth at different points, perpetuating the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

This course will teach you how to identify where to build in a way that works in synergy with these three rays, out of respect to their confluence with Mother Earth.

The Bagua

The Bagua are like the architecture of consciousness. They represent the way we live—in every phase of our lives.

This course will teach you how to determine whether one of these eight symbols is disturbed in any given place, and it will show you how to lift the energy so that the higher vibrations leave people feeling inspired, happy and fulfilled.

Any problems will shift and new solutions will manifest themselves more easily, because people will no longer have to battle against lower energy levels.

I was a natural seer of these energies my whole life. But the first time I saw Agni demonstrating how to remove darkness, transform negative vibrations, and switch on energetic light spots to shift whole areas, I was sure: I couldn’t read this in any Feng Shui book. I’d found a true Feng Shui master—and I wanted to go deeper; to dig beneath the surface in a way that books never could.
Durga Holzhauser | Author “The Nine Master Schools of Feng Shui.”


. . . In the deep goal of providing sacred spaces to people.

. . . When you enlighten a room, you enlighten the people within.

. . . The repercussions of the new Feng Shui stretch far beyond one individual (or one household or one business).

. . . Enlightened companies are guiding stars who lead great companies to a brighter future.

. . . In living consciously in order to attract higher energies.

. . . The more you LIFT the energy of spaces, the more you SHIFT the consciousness of the planet. (For example, when you shift many apartments In the city, city life will shift.)

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RanRa Yang

ranra yangSpiritual Master in the tradition of Agni

RanRa is from from Taiwan. She first studied Chinese Feng Shui aged 14, and later deepened her expertise with the Nine Master Schools of Feng Shui.

During the second night of her Nine Master Schools of Feng Shui training, RanRa woke with a start, remembering something she had forgotten.

When she was 14, she and her mother were visiting the Lungshan Temple in Taipei to pray when a man approached them. He told RanRa that they had an old connection. His name was Master Whoyeh.

Master Whoyeh went on to teach RanRa all about Chinese Feng Shui, becoming her master in all things relating to dragonlines, Chi, dragon caves, and palm reading. In his instruction, he would often hit her softly on the head: “Be more accurate!”

One day, he told Ranra, “I will die in three years, and you will one day teach Feng Shui. But a new way of Feng Shui that will come to Taiwan.”

Years had passed before Durga Holzhauser approached RanRa about becoming her assistant. Which just goes to show—the path we travel is so often older than we are.

RanRa loves to cook and counsel others, and she lives with so much joy in her heart. She actively seeks out the possibilities in every area of life.

Join her!

No. 289, Neighborhood 6,
Jinlun Village,
Taimali Township,
Taitung County 96344,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Next dates

September 25th to 28th, 2015