Deborah Reiter

deborah reiterWhat does contemporary spirituality mean to you?

To me, contemporary spirituality means being 100% yourself, while exploring your divine potential.

It means that my daily meditation brings more joy, fulfilment and divine inspiration into my life. It helps me to share my qualities with the world.

My story

As a child and a teenager, people always came to me with their problems—but I didn’t know how to help them. I was extremely receptive to their energy . . . but I didn’t know what to do with that energy.

At university (studying science) in ‘79, my tutor mentioned the word “spirituality” and something clicked. That moment triggered my journey to deepen my self-awareness. I found a spiritual meditation + yoga teacher, and began to explore spirituality + reincarnation—and it all made perfect sense to me.

Back then I already had the vision of leading a light centre where people can find guidance through light and energy.

I met Agni in 1986 as a meditation teacher. It was a very deep encounter from heart to heart where I instantly felt recognised completely by him.

From 1988 until 1993 I worked in his clinic in Bonn as a naturopath and healer. I then founded one of the first light centres with an integrated healing clinic near Bonn in the Siebengebirge. At the same time I knew that something new would want to come at a later time.

The Starlight Centre, England

I’ve always been a pioneer with a clear vision, actively following the call of my heart.

And that’s exactly what I did when—after launching a successful light centre in Germany—I moved to my “power place” in England (with my two daughters), and founded the Starlight Centre in 2004.

A place for holistic healing, meditation, and spiritual training, the Starlight Centre is located in Salisbury, 20 minutes from Stonehenge—one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world.

The centre is a place where people from all walks of life can come to recharge, find guidance, and discover more about themselves.

On becoming an Alpha Chi Consultant

I took part in Agni’s first Alpha Chi Consultant training in ‘95.

The training took my energy work to another level—teaching me how to perceive and transform different energies according to divine natural law, and allowing me to create new spaces shaped by light and positive energy.

Now I help other people explore core questions like, “Who am I?” and “What am I here for?” Guiding others along their path—and helping them to reconnect with who they are—fires me up. For a lot of people, ACC training is like the missing link.
My secret passion

Talking to crystals & Sacred Dance.
My personal mantra

“ANYTHING is possible.”

shasna steccanella

I did the ACC training a long time ago. If someone asked me today “ Would you take part in it again” I would most definitely answer with “Yes!”. The training re-assured in me what I had been feeling for a long time: The connection of Heaven and Earth, and that I am a part of this, a part of the great creation. The knowing that I am always guided and that there is only so much challenging me as I can master in my life. All this guides me in my daily life. It gives me strength and joy because I know that all is good the way it is and that all that happens has a meaning in life.

With the ACC training I found the courage to believe in my creation power to re-connect with it. This amplified my self-trust. It keeps me going with “full steam ahead” on my path to my soul goal.

The ACC training opened an access for me where I can find clear answers from the spiritual world. With the energetic Feng Shui I learnt how to read energies in buildings and in nature and to alter, enhance and clarify these in accordance with the divine natural law.

The ACC training also sowed the seeds for further trainings such as Atlantis Crystal Healing and Gauri Gatha.
Shasna B.Steccanella | Alpha Chi Consultant

My own path became clear to me when I did the Path into Light seminar. The ACC training with Deborah really pushed open doors for me. Today, 14 years after the training, I still feel that what I learnt in the ACC training is the key element of all my spiritual work.
Can San Trantow | Spiritual Teacher

cansan trantow

karuh bremicker

I took part in the ACC training with Deborah 6 years ago. The training was full of insights for me. It was a wonderful community with loving guidance and a lot of space to recognise one’s next steps and putting them into action.

The training helped me to bring my potential and my visions completely into my life. The course enabled me to expand my holistic clinic for people and animals and to set up a new area of expertise: Business Feng Shui, holistic coaching, body-orientated solution finding and seminars and trainings.

The symbiosis of what I already had learnt together with the access levels and techniques from the ACC training steered both my private and my work life into a new direction.
Karuh A. Bremicker | Spiritual Teacher and Holistic Therapist & Coach




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Part 3: 20.02. – 24.02.2020 UK-Starlight Center
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