Kali Ma

kali maWhat does contemporary spirituality mean to you?

For me, it’s all about LOVE—unconditionally loving other people, and expressing that love in everything you do + everything you say.

It means being divinely guided, and finding the space to unfurl + reconnect with who you are.

My story

People always thought I was introverted, because I didn’t want to talk about my work, or my family, or what I did in my spare time.

But honestly? It was because somehow, I knew there was more—a deeper truth I needed to unlock.

My life began to change the day I opened a door and thought, “I’m finally home.”

It was the door to Agni’s alternative medicine therapy center in Bonn, Germany.

From that day forward, I was on a mission to find out more about who I was, what my truth was, and where I belonged.

As a child, I’d always somehow assumed that Asia was my true home. I was born with almond eyes and black curly hair, and everyone thought my mother had married an Asian.

I never shook this sense that my home was somewhere other than Germany, where I was born.

As Agni began taking me through past life regressions, I’d see myself incarnated in Asia each time. I also saw my contemporary mother—then my grandmother—combing my long, black hair.

In one of my regressions, Agni asked me to name the capital of Tibet. I immediately blurted out “Lhasa.” And I knew that, if I turned out to be right, I’d travel there.

Of course I was right, and so I flew out to Nepal and Tibet and spent two months over there.

Finally, my soul felt at home. And somehow, I knew I’d return to Nepal with a gift for its people.

Kali Ashram, Nepal

I returned to Nepal with a one-way ticket in October, 2001, opening a spiritual light centre in Dolalghat, Nepal—a small town with 850 inhabitants at the confluence of the Indravati and Sun Kosi rivers—soon after.

Named the Kali Ashram, here I finally feel truly fulfilled.

Because I wish everyone could feel this way, I founded the Kali Ma Foundation Nepal, Inc. in 2004, whose primary purpose is to help the poorest of the poor, and the worldwide network World Love Generation, which is about giving everyone the chance to be peaceful, happy, and fulfilled.

On becoming an Alpha Chi Consultant

I’ve often found myself in situations in which I base my decision on what feels right, intuitively. And that’s what happened with my Alpha Chi Consultant (ACC) training.

I knew it’d change me on a fundamental level, opening me up to discover more about myself.

When I trained others to become ACCs for the first time, I was impressed at how surprised my Nepalese students were to be initiated into the eighth chakra, and to get a totally different perspective on life.

Their curiosity to dive deeper, and the joy that they found through this training, gave (and continues to give) me great pleasure.

When I’m not working, I . . .

Like to do nothing . . . just be.

My personal mantra

“Humor is art.” (The best kind.)


My name is Ananya. I am a student and teacher. I had completed my ACC in 2011. Today, I am very happy because I have been able to know my form. Kali Ma had guided us in ACC. She had guided us so nicely. We are so thankful to Kali Ma. After ACC many good things, changes came in my life. I identified myself in spiritual world and my tasks. Now, it is easy for me to take various decisions to follow truth in my life. ACC has helped me a lot.

My name is Riza. I am a student. I did my ACC in 2011. ACC supported me to decide that which path you want to go or what you want to discover more in your innerself. So, through ACC I found my inner voice, inner happiness, peace. I have felt more completeness or unity in myself with no boundaries of this outer world. ACC offered me to know more who I am. During ACC, I felt that my longing in me seemed clear so that my belief in me arised. ACC made possible for me to use fengshui and many other techniques in daily life. Though Nepal has different languages, cultures Kali Ma really guided us so well. I am very thankful to Kali Ma.



My name is Niri. I am a teacher. I did ACC in 2011. After ACC many changes came into my life. I have able to remove my fear and be more self-confident. I could recognize myself more. Through feng-shui I learnt how to remove the negative energy and many more. So I am very grateful to Kali Ma. Kali Ma had guided us so well. Thank you so much Kali Ma for your guidance.




Kali Ashram
Dolalghat, Nepal
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Dolalghat, Nepal

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Part 2: September 2015
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