Sam Yun Wolfersdorf

sam yun wolfersdorfWhat does contemporary spirituality mean to you?

To me, 21st century spirituality means opening up + letting go.
Remaining disciplined while releasing yourself from the burden of perfectionism.

But most of all? It’s about love.
Why? Because love is the answer to everything.

Love unites us—transcending conflicts + cultures, barriers + borders.
And love enables us to share our combined wisdom + experience.

My story

My first time travelling in India was a shock—the streets were hot, humid, and dusty; half-naked people would sleep on newspapers in the street; and poverty, crowds, noise, and unfamiliar smells rushed at me from every corner.

Back in Germany, I’d studied graphic design, winning national + international awards for my design work. During that time, the extent of my spiritual exploration had been making mandalas for crystal meditation—but I wanted more.

It was Durga who suggested traveling to India to see the guru Sai Baba, whom she’d met the year before. I was more interested in visiting the Karmapa in Tibet, but eventually I agreed. The day before we flew from Delhi to Bangalore, I developed a fever, chills, and a swollen liver. The doctor diagnosed malaria. And so, the first time I met Sai Baba, I was delirious. But despite that, I still had the distinct impression that he was reassuring me, and telling me I’d be okay. I made a full recovery.

But a year later, I had an accident. While lying in hospital, a spiritual teacher who was close to me recommended I visit Sai Baba again, and discover what purpose he saw for me and my life. With my wound not yet healed, I booked a flight. People told me I was crazy—the flight alone was enough to infect my wound, and the standard of medical care in India wouldn’t be what I was used to. But somehow, I knew Sai Baba would take care of me. During the flight, my wound closed.

Not long ago after I met Sai Baba for the first time, Durga introduced me to Agni (at that time Frank Eickermann), a spiritual teacher + naturopath with a practice in Bonn, Germany. Step by step, Agni helped me to see more of who I was: a divine being, capable of so much more.

I joined Agni’s six-day Path into Light® program in ‘97. The experience was so intense, and felt so right, that I accepted Agni’s invitation to train as an Alpha Chi Consultant afterwards.

I became Agni’s disciple, and followed his lead to build a center of light in Taiwan together with my wife, Sun Ya. Agni opened our light center in January 2005.

Lotus Shakti Center, Taiwan

The Lotus Shakti Center is situated in Jinlun, to the south of Taitung, on Taiwan’s picturesque east coast.

I live here with Sun Ya, surrounded by Peiwan + Amis tribes, and those who revere this wonderful place as much as we do.

The center’s name comes from the lotus flower, which is an expression of pure, divine love. “Shakti” is a Sanskrit word meaning “Divine Mother.”

We love our home, and we love our power place—the piece of land where we celebrate the Agni Dhuni, a holy fire ritual, every week.

And our work here is fruitful—we nourish the land + we nourish the people, and in return they nourish us.

On becoming an Alpha Chi Consultant

The Path into Light® had been fundamental to the spiritual growth of so many at the Lotus Shakti Center, as we helped them unfurl into the light and remember more (and more) about themselves.

I’d been telling participants that, if their hearts were telling them to take the next step, they could train to become an Alpha Chi Consultant in America or Europe.

Eventually, Sun Ya suggested I ask Agni if we could offer ACC training here in Taiwan. He said “Yes” and, at the beginning of 2014, more than 20 spiritual teachers had graduated as ACCs—all of whom now offer The Path into Light® program to their own students.

The cycle is complete. And a new cycle begins.


My secret passion

Painting large pictures and good chocolate.
My personal mantra

“Enjoy your work and be good to yourself.”


„… And all the time I know:
Plant your love and let it grow.

Let it grow, let it grow,
Let it blossom, let it flow.
In the sun, the rain, the snow,
Love is lovely, let it grow. …“

(“Let it grow” by Eric Clapton)


Lotus Shakti Center
No. 289, Neighborhood 6,
Jinlun Village, Taimali Township,
96344 Taitung County, Taiwan
T +886 89 772281

Venue: Taiwan

Course Fee:
248,000 NTD

Language: English / Chinese
Group 14
2018/9/15-19 I 2018/12/12-16 I 2019/3/27-31
Teacher: Sam Yun Wolfersdorf


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