Varani Kusstatscher

varani kusstatscherWhat does contemporary spirituality mean to you?

First of all, BEING FREE.

For me, living spirituality means recognising who you are, loving what is right now, being free from dogmas, constraints and fixed ideas and following your own inner guidance.

My story

As a management consultant and business coach, I often experienced limits of feasibility in change processes when using conventional methods and models. Changes on the surface were nice in the short term, but they did not lead to the desired effectiveness.

In 2006, a strong allergy led me to the “Path into Light”. The most fascinating thing for me was, that with one clear decision the allergy was blown away overnight: I decided to follow my life’s purpose in the future and to open up to my spirituality. This decision brought about drastic changes in all areas of life. But my irrepressible zest for life and regained alertness showed me that I was doing the right thing.

In a very short time I completed the ACC and spiritual teacher training and some other further trainings. I moved to Vienna, opened a meditation center (“light center”), became a mother and began to advise people and organisations with a completely new approach: in a holistic way and guided by my higher self.

I am very happy to be able to pass on this knowledge and these approaches,
which have changed and enriched my work so incredibly, to others. I support people to recognise their life’s purpose, to become more intuitive, to perceive more, to advise better, to lead more clearly and to be more inspiring. And I advise organisations on developing a new leadership culture.

What it means for me to become an Alpha Chi Consultant

It is a leap in dimension into a new level of perception, a new consciousness, an access to a “higher order”. Afterwards I managed to lead more clearly, to advise better, to be on the spot faster, to be able to change energies and thus realities, to have a more profound effect.

When I’m not working …

I like to run, read, travel, dance. I like to read or write in Viennese café houses. I like to laugh, like to spend time with my loved ones and friends, do yoga and can often be found in the South by the sea.

My secret passion…

Everything that is beautiful, sounds good and smells good. Contributing to a new leadership culture.

My personal mantra

“Enjoy your life! ”



Varani Kusstatscher
1180 Vienna, Austria
T +43 (676) 42 49 845

Vienna, Austria
Course Fee:

Alpha Chi Consultant
Part 1: 2020/08/18 – 08/22
Part 2: 2020/10/28 – 11/01
Part 3: 2021/02/10 – 02/14



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