The Alpha Chi Consultant Training

Love more.
See more.
Do more.

An 15-day, hands-on crash course designed to teach you how to become a spiritual guide, feng shui expert, healer, and doula for the dying.

You’ll learn . . .

: How to read energies and transform the energy in a room.
: How to master energetic feng shui.
: How to guide people through transitional periods in their lives.
: How to provide spiritual support to the dying.
: How to use energy to heal others.
: How to communicate with angels, crystals, animals, plants, and avatars.

This process is divinely edifying and deeply rewarding . . .

You’ll be able to . . .

: Connect more easily with the divine source of wisdom, love and light.
: See things from a different perspective.
: Have a greater depth of understanding in every situation.
: Practice everything you learn right away.


Spiritual guidance

The ACC training program will help you master the kind of results-oriented spiritual counselling that can be used to free people from past-life traumas and patterns, and from feeling trapped or unhappy.

You’ll learn how to open yourself up to a whole new level of spiritual perception, as you grasp how to read your clients’ auras; their 8th chakra, the seat of their soul, and the universal portal through which you’ll be able to divine which path they should take in life.

And you’ll discover how to answer specific problems or questions without judgment, independent of your opinion or personal experience, and help clients take the next step in their spiritual evolution — no matter how challenging their current situation.

irka schmuck

I was supposed to go on a business trip to Berlin. There could choose to go by train or by plane. Even though going by plane would be quicker, I decided to go by train. It just felt right to take the train and I couldn’t see myself on the plane for this trip. As I was waiting for my train at the train station, a friend called me and told me that all flights had been cancelled due to an ash cloud after a volcanic eruption. I was lucky to have a relaxed journey by train. When I arrived in Berlin, most of the other seminar participants were busy checking train connections for their return journey.
Irka Schmuck | Spiritual Teacher and Copywriter

Energetic feng shui

Contrary to what you might think, the methodology behind energetic feng shui isn’t about visibly changing the set-up of a room by moving furniture, or painting a wall a different color to harness a harmonious energy flow.

Instead, it’s about teaching you how to energetically perceive the universal energy (or “chi”) in a room and transform it in such a way that the people who live or work there feel supported, grounded, and in harmony with their surroundings.

Energetic feng shui is simple, fast and it works.

I remember quite clearly my first Feng Shui project. It was in my own apartment and it did the Feng Shui there during my ACC training. At that time, my telephone landline was run through my mobile phone for more than 2 years, and I only had mobile reception at a very small area in my apartment. The minute I left that area, I was out of reception.
After the Feng Shui and removing negative and disruptive energy fields, I could use my mobile phone while sitting on my coach – that area didn’t have mobile reception before the Feng Shui. That was very impressive and it helped me to understand how strong the impact of Feng Shui can be.
Amrith Mühle | Spiritual Teacher

amrith muehle spirituelle lehrerin

Body feng shui

Feng shui isn’t just for your home or office — it can also effectively balance the energy in your body, clearing blocks and allowing more chi to flow into each of your chakras.

Body feng shui is about releasing that which doesn’t serve you, so you can feel revitalized and at peace. Shoulder feng shui removes heavy energetic burdens from the shoulders, while chakra feng shui can recharge a client’s energy centers in a matter of minutes.

vasama gaul

For many years, I have offered Body Feng Shui at a booth at a Croatian esoteric fair. Every time I am surprised and touched how accurately and deeply old and current issues show up and be expressed with the help of shoulder and kidney feng shui. The clients are more open than in a normal conversation at the fair. Often there are tears and the pressure that they carry in their body, can dissolve. Sometimes I give them an exercise or a small ritual that they can do at home to help them stay in alignment. Body Feng Shui is a wonderful, deep and effective healing technique that we can do!
Vasama Gaul | Feng Shui Counsultant & Gauri Gatha I/II Trainer

Spiritual support for the dying

Death is a frightening prospect for many.

As an ACC, you’ll discover how to prepare the dying for what awaits them in the afterlife.

You’ll help souls cross over into the light and enable those left behind to connect with their loved ones.

A client came to me with the question if I could do something because her sons couldn’t sleep in their new bedroom. It was the room of their grandmother who had died some months before. When I got there, hundreds of carrion crows where outside in the courtyard and made a lot of noise. In the room I could sense that the grandmother’s was not gone completely. She was angry and didn’t want to leave. The grandchildren wanted to be there in the room with me. They spoke to their grandmother. We asked her to accept the light what was there for her. We helped her to connect with it. After helping her understand how she could continue on her path, she could leave; and so did the crows in the courtyard. As of that night, the boys could sleep through the night without problems.
Kalina Engel | Designer & Registered German Naturopath

kalina engel

Working with angels

Angels work as divine messengers, offering us sacred guidance and protection.

As an ACC, you’ll learn about the different kinds of angels — from guardian angels, inner peace angels and fire angels to the angels from The Archangel Babaji — and discover how they can enable us to experience heaven on earth.

Adopting a conscious approach to angels can be transformational.

crey deutschmann

One night many years ago, my daughter had a very terrible cold with high fever and an extreme earache. Her pain eased immediately when I asked the angels for a remedy. I saw heaven open up and an angel gave me a light ball with detailed information how to use it. Krysto, my daughter, could finally sleep calmly and the next day she was feeling a lot better.
Crey Deutschmann | Spiritual Coach & Eco-hairstylist

Working with crystals & stones

Crystals are divine light in matter. They offer healing energy, light and knowledge.

Holding a crystal into a client’s aura or physical body can transfer a crystal’s light and soothe, balance or re-energize. And placing a crystal on an individual’s chakras creates a power center for energy work.

Crystal and stones also possess self-healing powers, and can be used for harmonizing living spaces, or simply lending support on a daily basis.

I can still remember it as if it was yesterday… Before the ACC course, I knew only little about crystals and their positive impacts. During the ACC training we were asked to read information from crystals. Some crystals were on a tray and were given around from one to the next person. My eyes were fixated on the tray with crystals as it was coming closer to me. I was really curious. Then some of the crystals started to communicate with me, even though the tray hadn’t been passed to me yet. They showed their wisdom; which chakra they support; which frequencies they carry and how they can be used. A new dimension opened up for me. It was a very special moment for me. It was the moment when my love for crystals and their wisdom was sparked again. Today the healing with crystals and gemstones has become second nature to me and supports all areas of my life.
Irsa Sauerbrey | Mandalas & Seminars

irsa sauerbrey

Working with plants

Plants nourish us daily — providing food for us to eat, oxygen for us to breathe and medicine for us to heal, so that we can live healthy, happy lives.

Connected to the divine consciousness, they can elevate the energy in a room, liberate force fields and stimulate healing.

When you train as an ACC, you’ll learn how to communicate with plants, and you’ll become aware of their unique abilities.

benira niederberger

It was about deeply connecting with the helpers which surround us, and also the helper beings and spirits in nature. I sat down outside, focussed on my light and invited these light beings. When I looked on the meadows, I could only see the daisy flowers. When I made contact with them, I could feel their devas and their supporting energies. There was so much joy and easiness that filled my heart. They told me that I was always welcome to connect with them so that they can support me in my work. Since then I have invited them regularly and every time it fills me with joy and easiness. When I connect with then, I feel that all I do becomes easier and I can just go with the flow without interruptions.
Benira Niederberger | A-R-A Light Center


Perspective. You’ll no longer rely on first impressions of other people. Instead, you’ll be able to see someone for who they really are.

Space. You’ll grow and expand, as your self-imposed restrictions fall away. And you’ll open yourself up to new abilities you never knew you had.

Guidance. You’ll be more deeply connected to God and able to tap into His divine wisdom at any time.

Insight. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses, as well as a deeper understanding of the world as a whole.

Energy. You’ll experience increased energy, and you’ll find it easier to make decisions. You’ll radiate positivity.

Alignment. You’ll release what’s no longer working for you and make room for that which will support you in living your purpose.

Serenity. You’ll have peace of mind and be more able to accept how things are.

Self-fulfillment. Your initiation into the 8th chakra will open the way for you to experience true contentment.


You are warmly invited to take part when you have completed the Path into Light seminar and is has become clear that this training is on your own path.

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What is the 8th chakra?

The 8th chakra is the seat of your soul, the source of infinite knowledge, and the root of all divine energy, love and compassion.

While chakras 1 to 7 are bound to the human body, the 8th chakra transcends the physical.

Opening the 8th chakra can lead to a powerful spiritual shift, heightened awareness and a deeper understanding of how we’re interconnected with all living things.

It’s the portal through which you’ll receive solutions and insights from the spiritual world as an ACC — detached from their subjective experiences, opinions or imagination.

What is Natural Law?

Natural Law is the universal order of things and the ubiquitous rhythm of life that balances everything.

Living in alignment with Natural Law will help you to reach your divine potential here on Earth.

What is the Tradition of Fire?

By definition, the word tradition indicates convictions and beliefs that have been passed on through time to the present moment — and it’s this same wisdom that we’re able to pass on to future generations.

Such traditions are usually perpetuated by groups of people that come together with the same vision and the same sense of purpose.

The Tradition of Fire goes back to the beginning of Creation, and it’s really about becoming one with God through that inner fire that insists on bringing us back to love.

What does inner guidance mean?

It’s about being connected to your true self, listening to the divine voice within, and trusting yourself to do the right thing.

Inner guidance is about being guided by your heart and a sense of radical self-love.

What does divine guidance mean?

Divine guidance means connecting to God through your 8th chakra and being in complete alignment with his will for your life.

Om namah Shivaya.

How do avatars support us?

We can connect with avatars through meditation and prayer, and ask for their profound guidance and advice.

They help us connect with our divine qualities and unify our vision with God’s.

Avatars can also incarnate among us to give us direct guidance.

How can becoming an ACC help in everyday life?

As an ACC, you’ll find that you’re more deeply connected to God and more easily able to access His divine guidance, love and light.

Becoming an ACC will allow you to grow in understanding and gratitude. You’ll be able to extend advice, assistance and friendship to anyone who needs it.

What does it mean to be able to see into two realms?

As an ACC, being able to see into two realms means understanding that the physical realm exists alongside the spiritual. They are not separate from one another, which is why death should no longer hold any fear.

For your clients, it means you’ll be able to offer a deeper level of understanding and insight to help guide them during this lifetime.

Why is this training so expensive?

The primary purpose of this training is to open you up to happiness, fulfillment and divine love — and you can’t put a price on that.

We’re also essentially condensing years of deep meditation into 18 days of accelerated insights, initiating you into the 8th chakra and opening you up to new possibilities for your life that you never dreamed were possible.

Ready to train as an Alpha Chi Consultant?
We’d love to have you.

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